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Условия доставки и выдачи

AS MASS Delivery Conditions
valid from 19.03.2020

1. Receiving the order
1.1. Orders may be received at a point-of-sale of AS MASS, or delivered to a parcel terminal or an address specified by the Consumer.

1.1.1. Receiving the orders at a Sale office Orders are issued at Sale offices on Mon-Fri 8:30-16:30 (except on public holidays, when Sale officies are closed).
Sale offices locations:

Sale office Kalda 3b Tallinn
Kalda 3b Tallinn

Sale office 7d Tallinn
Kalda 7d Tallinn

Sale office Tartu
Tehno tee 7, Tõrvandi
Kambja vald, Tartumaa Orders are available at Sale office in the time period specified in the order. In case of delay with the collection of Goods for more than 7 working days, the Seller shall have the right to request contractual penalty 30 € (includes VAT) for each delayed day; in case of delay for more than 21 days, then 60€ (includes VAT) and suspend fulfilment of other orders. If the delay is more than 60 days and an additional request for collection of the Goods has been sent to the Consumer, and the request has not been fulfilled, the Seller shall have the right to request contractual penalty 240€ (includes VAT) for each delayed day or to sell the Ordered Goods and not refund any amount, which has already been paid. The Consumer shall receive the order by presenting an identification document (ID card, passport, driver's licence) and the number of the order. In case of failure to present the identification document, the Seller may refuse from issuing the order. The Seller shall not be liable to the Consumer for damage incurred, if third parties have got hold of the unique order number and as a result, the order, for reasons beyond the control of the Seller.


Kalda 3b, Tallinn
Tel: +372 657 71 70 /    massestonia

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