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Focus on the client

We value our client and take its wishes, requirements, proposals and needs into account. We organize annual client surveys and their analysis with the aim to meet the clients’ expectations and to go even beyond these.


Withholding from the dates and agreements, following of laws and the principle to act honestly and responsibly which is the basis for keeping the good name of our company, achieving the higher publicity of the company and earning of profit.

Adaptability and capability to develop

Major attention is paid to the continuous improvement of personnel qualification and professionalism through planned training. We are leading importers of new product groups and we constantly develop our company and its processes to keep posted and adjust to the changes.

Continuous development

The company’s management sets the objectives for implementation of policy and guarantees the continuous improvement of management system through their fulfilment. The aware use of quality policy and objectives assists and takes the company to the achievement of the set quality objectives.

The quality objectives are reviewed, updated, documented and confirmed at least once a year.

Taking care

If possible, we offer certified goods providing guarantee for the company in the production chain using our products and end consumer of the product that the used materials originate from the economically managed forests and certified material has not coincided with the materials originating from doubtful source (e.g. forest felled with illegal cutting). As much attention is also paid to the improvement of the work environment and occupational safety of the employees.


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