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Natural veneer. The largest selection of oak veneer! Over 100 different veneers!

The veneer is a thin sheet of wood received from sliceing or peeling from the veneer log. The cutting of wood for veneer is the most economical method of using the wood material. The veneer is used for facing different wooden boards, doors, stairs etc. According to the place of use 0.3-3 mm thick veneer is made. The standard thicknesses are 0.6 mm, 1.5 mm and 2.5 mm. The thicknesses could differ depending on the type of wood or special order. The usage places according to the thickness: 0.6 mm – furniture, internal doors, interior elements: 1.5 mm – stairs, front doors, edges; 2.5 mm – stairs, edges.
The texture of veneer depends on the cutting method. The basic cutting methods and the resulting textures are the following:

Other cutting methods (rift, crescent etc) also exist, but these are redevelopments of the mainly used methods.

The veneer is natural, thus we draw your attention to that there are no logs of two identical texture and tone in nature. Just as every person is a unique artwork, thus each tree growing in the forest is different. Moreover, texture and tone differences occur even within the scope of wood log. Colour changes, peculiarities of branch and other properties characteristic of wood could often occur by natural veneer which emphasizes the peculiarity of natural wood.

By using the natural veneer you will get the product which is always unique.

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