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Precious wood, i.e. solid wood lumber is a high-quality dried sawn lumber which as a rule has a humidity of 8+/-2%. Solid wood lumber is used for making doors, windows, stairs as well as furniture, floors and wine casks. The choice includes the common types of wood of different thickness and lengths such as oak, ash, beech, walnut etc as well as exclusive types of wood such as zebrano, teak, ebony, movingue etc. The common thickness of lumber is 26 mm, 32 mm, 40 mm and 52 mm. Also, the material with thickness of 64 mm and 76 mm can be ordered. The lengths are from 1.83 m up to 5.25 m.

We offer a wide choice of teak lumber for boat construction. The thickness of teak is usually 27 mm, 40 mm, 52 mm and 64 mm, but we provide an opportunity to order also custom cutting of logs.

Please check our stockprogram. All other sizes is on request.


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