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Lisocore kergplaat (MDF kiht 8mm) 50mm

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Tulosta hinnasto
Näytä vain varastossa olevat tuotteet
(Tootekood 13140)
2800 x 2070
Hinta: 417,66 €  / tk
Hinta per m²: 72,06 €
hinta sisältää arvonlisäveron (20%)


50 mm
2070 mm
Paino (kg, L)
2800 mm

Lisätietoja tuotteesta

Lisocore® is a material-efficient high performance construction material.

This modern material achieves its excellent properties thanks to its unique structure, which consists of at least two thin cover layers that are bonded together by a three-dimensional pressed core structure. Selective milling of the cover layers creates recesses where the core structure finds a positive fit for a form-closed bond. A high-strength adhesive also ensures an adhesive bond.

Lisocore® therefore features both form-closed and adhesive bonding. This double bonding approach makes lisocore® unique from all other existing lightweight construction materials.

• Low self-weight
• Optimized load-carrying action
• High bonding strength
• High bending strength
• Low creep
• High dimensional stability
• Good flatness
• Low thickness tolerance
• High edge stability.

Unique options
Lengthwise and diagonal hollow spaces serve as installation
levels (for electrical equipment, for example).

Lisocore® is already being successfully machined and processed in various industries as the lightweight material of choice. Application examples that speak for themselves.
• Free-form machining
• Narrow surface coating without a support edge or frame
• Retrospective surface coating possible
• Fittings mounted with clamps and screws
• Quick and secure screw fixtures (direct or using cold-melt anchor screw or blind rivet technology)


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